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Development doesnt stop for WBS Steelguitars and we finally released the offical succesor of the famous Student Series the Basic II. Die WBS BASIC Serie ist der offizielle Nachfolger der bekannten und beliebten Student Serie.


The Basic II has a complete new design; is compact and has low weight. The Neck is made out of Aluminum wich gives the Guitar more stability during playing. The Modell is available in all Formica Colors.

A WBS Singlecoil Pickup is build-in who delivers the great sound. 3 Pedals and 4 Kneelevers using a E9th Emmons Setup are default. The mechanics are similar to the Quickchange- System used with the PRO-Modells. The Setup is easy and quick to change.

The Changer on this Guitar is a Pull/Release System that delivers through the direct bodycontact the sound you demand for. The Legs are not adjustable the Kneelevers are adjustable.

You can purchase with a Option Pack a 7/8 Steelbar, Picks, a Cord Chart and a DVD. The Guitar is shipped with a Gigbag a Case can be purchased separate.