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When ordering a Steelguitar you can choose between the following colors.

The Steelguitar in the picture below changes the color when you move the mouse over the colorchart.

Please note that the color representation may vary due to your monitor. We will gladly send you therefore a color sample.

Black Lead Midnight Blue Burgundy Red Amber Burl Light Red Couture Wood Elegant Rosewood White Ponderosa Pine Black Lead Massakarbrown

Formica Details

To give you a better idea of the colors below another overview. Click on one of the colors to enlarge it.

Black Lead    Burgundy Red   Midnight Blue   Amber Burl    Light Red   Couture Wood   Elegant Rosewood

  Black Lead   Burgundy Red  Midnight Blue Amber Burl Lightred Couture Wood    Elegant Rosewood

   White    Ponderosa Pine   Massakar Brown

White   Ponderosa Pine   Massaker Brown