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WBS Change Lock©

The WBS Change Lock© consists of a lever under the guitar and an extra knee lever. This extension allows you to change the E9 tuning of the Giarre in C6 (optional B6). The WBS Change Lock changes the tuning of the lower 8 strings of the E-9 tuning into the upper 8 strings of a C6 tuning as seen in the following picture.

The additional pedal corresponds to the fifth pedal of a Doubleneck or the second pedal of a C6 tuning.

WBS RealStop©

The WBS RealStop© is the real Double-Stop and has got nothing in common with the regular build-in so called Feelstop that most of the steelguitar builders use.

A Feel- or Double-Stop is used to detune one String with one Kneepedal to more than one Notes. For example a Feel- or Double-Stop is used on the second String on most E9 tunings to detune the Eb to D and C#. With a Feel-Stop - as I used to call them - the stop for the Tone D is hard to catch wich means you are usally to low and results in a wired and wrong chord or keychange.

The WBS RealStop©, optional available elaborate and build-in a special box, eliminates that abuse finally. You never have to look for the inbetween-tone. Elaborate but the perfect solution for that pain in the ....