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Quote Mark At the WBS Customshop we realize the whishes of our customers. Quote Mark

Here you can see some of the creative work we do at WBS Steelguitars. The place where we let our customers wish come true. If you want to put your dream of a special Intrument such as a Lapsteel, Steeldobro or anything else you can`t buy for money come true! Just contact me and we will figure out how i can help you with it.


The clasic combination with every Steelguitar, one Neck one Pickup, is not everybodys choice. See here a new combination with two pickups per neck.

zwei Tonabnehmer pro Hals



The Pro-Slide 12 String was a real challange to build. None of the parts could be taken out of the steelguitar productionline (except of the pickup and the keys) and i had to construct them specially for the Pro-Slide. The Keyhead for example is taken out of one part aluminium with my CNC-Maschine To stabilize the neck we extended the keyhead all the way in the neck what you can´t see it from outside.

The Pro-Slide also could be build with 6, 8, 10 or 12 Strings; with Legs or different Pickups you name it we build it.

WBS Pro-Slide 


I even can repair or restaurate any brand steelguitar for you. In the picture below you see a MSA taken apart and restaurated. Missing parts will be replaced wether by a original or if not available rebuild part.

Restauration einer MSA