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Sarah Jory - United Kingdom

Sarah Jory

Yvo Zweifel - Switzerland

Yvo Zweifel

Kurt Frei - Switzerland

Kurt Frei

Johan Jansen - Dutch

Johan Jansen

Lionel Wendling - France

Lionel Wendling

Jean Marie - France

Jean Marie

Hans Fürst - Vienna, Austria

Hans Fürst who is called „dr.dings“ by most people was born in Vienna in 1956. He made his first experience with a guitar in the age of 11. His first night on a stage was in the age of 15. 1978 he started his career in music business as a salesman and work as a musican until 1980. Some of the bands/musicans he worked for are Peter Ratzenbeck, Western Union Band, Hans Dujmic, Ulli Baer, Drugstore, Carl Kaye, Roland Neuwirt & Extremschrammeln, Roadhouse, TVR (Thorncreek Village Ramblers) und VON AMBROS. 1983 he started working in the whole sale for companys like FENDER, MARSHALL, AMPEG, CRATE, DIGITECH, TAKAMINE, T.C. ELECTRONIC and ZOOM. Since May 1999 he owns the „dr.dings“ Musicstore in Wien.

Hans Fürst

Michael Haverbeck - Germany

Probably it was the sound of a Pedal Steelgitarre that got him into Country Musik and nobody was surprised when Michael started to play Steelguitar when we was 19. Over the last 20 years he improved his playing constantly and played in several well-know Bands as the Rebel Yell Band, Virginia Blend and the Flophouse String Band. His playing is influenced by artist like Jeff Newmann, John Hughey, Randy Beavers and Lloyd Green.

Michael Haverbeck

Rob Haines - Nashville, USA

Rob Haines works as Pro-Musican since 1981 within the Nashville Music Szene. Beside the Pedal Steelguitar he also plays the Dobro, Mandoline and Guitar. Rob toured with Artists like Shania Twain, Lori Morgan, Pam Tillis, Tom T.Hall , Hank Thompson, Lee Greenwood and Barbara Mandrell. Between 1990 and 1999 Rob was Member of the Opryland Country Music Show USA. Since 1992 he plays with the Nashville Mandolinen Ensemble (for Columbia Records).

Rob Haines

Rüdiger Karahn - Kiel, Germay

Rüdiger Karahn, who started playing Country Musik in 1986, was always thrilled by the sound of a Pedal Steelguitar. Back then it was hard for him to find any information about that kind a instrument; but at the turn of the year 1990/1991 he was lucky to get his hands on a used Pedal Steelguitar. Finding any instructions not to mention a teacher was almost impossible and he autodidacticly started learning how to play. Artists like Paul Franklin , Dan Dugmore and Sonny Garrish, just to mention a view, gave him the strength not to give up. Finally 1998 he was lucky to become a Pro-Player. Today he is working for Bands like Jenny and Friends, Sixpack Country and Santas Little Helpers just to mention a view of them. Id like to express my graduate to Wolfgang Bednarz who build my gray SD-10 Steelguitar. The wormness and playability let me believe devoutly in the Guitars he is building. Its always a pleasure to play that nice instrument.

Rüdiger Karahn