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How do you tune your Steelguitar?

Do you still tune your Steelguitar with a Guitartuner?

Well, then its time to change things and do the step into the next century.

Whats it worth to have a steelguitar that has no bodydrop if you dont tune your steelguitar right?


You might remeber from older days the big steelguitarplayers on tour with the big stars? Can you althoug remember the hughe boxes they had along on stage?

The Peterson Company is producing those tuners for 60 years now.

I hope i got you some good thinking with these thoughts of mine. If you cant imagine the difference between a regular Guitartuner and a Strobetuner I suggest you to visit the Peterson Homepage and checkout the superb Audio and Video Demo that makes the difference clear.

I recommend the "Strobeflip" to tune your Steelgitarre (or any other instrument). You can purchase the "Strobeflip" through my Onlineshop.