The development does not stop; so also for the now available Basic II model. The WBS BASIC SERIES is the official successor of the well-known and popular WBS STUDENT SERIES, which was designed especially for beginners. Due to its compact design and low weight and low price, the WBS BASIC is also suitable as a second guitar for the studio, at home or the practice room.

The production of the body made of MPX hardwood and the neck of aluminum contributes significantly to the sound and stability of the guitar. The built-in WBS Singlecoil pickup provides the usual good sound familiar from the WBS CUSTOM II.

The WBS BASIC SERIES comes with 3 footpedal and 4 kneelever in an E9 tuning. The changer system is a 1-arm pull/release system which ensures a direct contact to the body for a top sound. The height of the legs are adjustable at the back and the knee levers are also adjustable from the angle. The Guitar is available in one of the offered Formica Finishes


An extension with additional kneelevers or footpedals, as well as a Changelock is not available for this model. Do you need these options, I recommend you a guitar from the WBS CUSTOM II SERIES. ORDER NOW