Change Lock

The Change Lock is designed for steel guitarists who play little C6. Add a Change Lock to your Singleneck when ordering. If needed, or for the few songs that require the second neck, switch easily and quickly with the Change Lock to C6 and back again.

The Change Lock, which is optionally available for the WBS Custom II SERIES, consists of a lever and an additional knee lever. By turning down the lever located under the guitar, the E9 tuning of the guitar is changed to C6 - optinal B6. Practically, by using the Change Lock lever, the lower 8 strings of the E9 tuning are re-tuned to match the top 8 strings of a C6 tuning.

On the picture on the right you can see the standard E9 tuning in the left column. When the Change Lock lever is operated, 6 strings are raised or lowered to obtain the standard C6 tuning shown on the right side of the column. Why only 6 strings, because the two E-strings can be finely tuned via build-in compensators.

In addition, an extra knee lever is installed with the Change Lock, which corresponds to the fifth pedal of a Doubleneck or the second pedal of a C6 tuning.

The Video on the right, produced by Dietmar Wächtler, is showing the function. His explenations are only available in German language. I think the video speaks for it self.