The WBS CUSTOM SERIES is made for all lovers of the noble instrument. Its features make it an optical and tonal highlight for any steel guitarist. The guitar is available as Singleneck, with or without pad, or as doubleneck.

The body of the guitar is made of MPX hardwood which contributes significantly to the sound and stability as well as the aluminum neck. Choose from the available Formica finishes or an optionally available lacquered maple body. The built-in WBS Singlecoil pickup provides the well known sound, which can optionally be replaced by a humbucker. By default, a RealStop© is already installed. The Singleneck model comes with 3 foot pedals and 4 Knee levers, the Doubleneck model with 8 foot pedals and 4 knee levers. The changer system is an All Pull System. The legs are height adjustable at the back and the knee levers are also adjustable from the angle. The guitar will be delivered in a flight case.

If you are interested in a lacquered body (optional for the WBS CUSTOM), a wood neck (only for the WBS ULTIMATE) and polished kneelever & foot pedals (optional for the WBS CUSTOM), then the WBS ULTIMATE SERIES is the right choice. Check out the WBS ULTIMATE SERIE. ORDER NOW