Customer Feedback

Sarah Jory - Great Britain

I have been playing pedal steel guitar now for many years and during that time, I have been fortunate enough to get to play many different guitars. Then some years ago I was introduced to Wolfgang Bednarz and his guitar "The WBS" and from the very first time I sat down to play one I was blown away. I´m very proud to get to play both the ultimate and the custom WBS guitars all over the world on live shows, TV work, radio and session recording too! I find they have a tone and a touch response like no other guitar! You don´t have to play it, the guitars plays itself! It holds its tuning brilliantly, you can take the guitar from the back of a cold truck to a hot stage, set it up and play it and that baby will rock!! It´s sustain is unmatched and that´s one of the many comments I receive when people hear the guitar live.

"WOW that´s an awesome tone and sustain you have...."

and believe me, that´s the guitar, not me! It´s an amazing instrument.

Love and Respect

Sarah Jory

Kurt Frei - Switzerland

Hello Wolfgang,

Thank you for your work with my new WBS D-10 Custom. She is sensational in sound and appearance.

I do not regret a second that I drove the long way to you to pick them up. It was well worth it. Your built instruments are only to be recommended. The mechanical parts go so easily and almost without noise. It makes practice fun again.

Greetings from Switzerland

Kurt Frei

Yvo Zweifel - Switzerland

Grüzi Wolfgang,

my new red guitar reflects the high quality of your instruments. Sonically, mechanically and visually the finest. For me, WBS is the brand of my trust.

Yvo Zweifel

Lionel Wendling - France

Hello Wolfgang,

why Do I like to play a WBS Guitar?

Very simple:

- Good European Building

- Good Tone

- Good and friendly builder who communicates with the players and listens to them allways trying to improve the quality of bis building.

Why buying an american guitar when we have in europe equivalent or better quality and most of all, very patient person, especially with me.

We work well together, even if it could be painful at times, but the result is here and you can be proud of it.

Lionel Wendling

Johan Jansen - Holland

Hello Wolfgang,

you made a dream come true! You made me the finest guitar I will ever play! It has a tone and sustain to die for. It plays like a dream. It stays in tune very well. It has the best and most advantaged techniques in it and has the most personal looks you can ever have in a guitar! Thank you and your team for build it.

Johan Jansen

Jean Marie - France

Hello Wolfgang,

I own several of the most beautifil Legends of Pedal Steel Guitars but I would like to tell you how great and wonderful the craftsmanship is of the guitar you build for me; and it´s beautifil sound!

We are so lucky to have you here in Europe, one of the best manufacturers for Pedal Steel Guitars, who can fulfill our dreams.

Thank you Wolfgang for that beauty.



Hans Fürst - Austria

Hello Wolfgang,

this Steel does not need to shy away from an international comparison. The price / performance ratio, in my opinion, is hard to beat - artisanal unbelievable - sound first class.

Conclusion: It is certainly a profit for all Pedalsteeler, that now also in Europe a high-quality product is produced!

I can only congratulate you on these instruments!

Best regards from Vienna

Hans Fürst

Rob Haines - Nashville, USA

Rob Haines has been working as a professional musician in the Nashville Music Scene since 1981. In addition to the pedal steel guitar, he also plays dobro, mandolin and guitar. Rob toured with many world-famous interpreters such as Shania Twain, Lori Morgan, Pam Tillis, Tom T. Hall, Hand Thompson, Lee Greenwood and Barbara Mandrell. From 1990 to 1999 Rob was a member of the Opryland Country Music Show USA. From 1992 he plays in the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble (for Columbia Records).

Rüdiger Karahn - Germany

Rüdiger Karahn, who has been playing country music since 1986, has always been fascinated by the sound of pedal steel guitars. After he had informed, as far as was possible at that time, about the pedal steel guitar, he succeeded at the turn of 1990/91 to acquire a used instrument. To find teaching materials or even a teacher almost bordered on the impossible and so he learned to play the steel guitar autodidactically. He found his bearings with artists such as Paul Franklin, Dan Dugmore and Sonny Garrish, just to name a few. In the course of time, he improved his skills and so Rüdiger was able to switch in 1998 profile. Today, he´s been actively involved with bands like Jenny and Friends, Sixpack Country and the Santas Little Helpers, just to name a few. A very special thanks goes to Wolfgang Bednarz, who built my mouse-gray SD10 pedal steel guitar in 1998. This warm sound and the playability of this guitar convinced me immediately. It is always a pleasure to play on this instrument.

Michael Haverbeck - Germany

Hello Wolfgang,

with this picture I would like to thank you for the ingenious Universal S12, which you have built for me. The workmanship and the sound just tip!