To complete my offer, i have included the following accessories in the product catalog.


The Lehle Mono Volume 90 is a wear-free volume pedal equipped with a very precise magnetic sensor. This sensor uses the Hall effect, named after Edwin Hall to measure the strength of magnetic fields. In the Lehle Mono Volume 90, the German-made Hall sensor is precisely calibrated to the built-in magnet and the pedals control travel. The pedal moves only the magnet; its distance is measured by the reverb sensor, which then drives a VCA.
The volume control of the Lehle Mono Volume 90 goes from -92 dB to 0 dB - that is, from virtually silent to equally loud. The MIN control can be used to set the minimum volume of the Mono Volume 90; it controls a range from mute (0%) to -10dB (about 90%) of the original level. In addition, the gain control can still be adjusted a gain of about +12 dB.
The Lehle Mono Volume 90 runs mechanically extremely quiet and smooth, because it is equipped with low-friction bearings made of a high-performance polymer and there is no mechanical transmission of the pedal to other components. By means of a set screw, the smoothness of the pedal can be adjusted very precisely.
In addition, the Lehle Mono Volume 90 has a buffered Direct Out. Here everything from tuner, DAW to the second amp can be supplied without affecting the sound.

Lehle Volumepedal


The Dunlop 920 tone bar is the standard size for 10 string pedal steel. It is made of stainless steel and comes in a plastic tube to protect it in your gear case. It fits the average hand perfectly and has great tone and sustain.

Dunlop Steelbar