The sound of a steel guitar is not, as often assumed, solely dependent on the pickup. Factors such as the pressure applied to the steel bar, the right-hand plucking technique and, of course, the steel guitar itself are crucial to the sound. Considering these factors I have decided in cooperation with Häussel Pickups to develop pickups for the WBS Steelguitar. Here are two models have emerged, a single coil and a humbucker.

If you would like another pickup for your WBS STEELGUTIAR, then you are free to provide me with a corresponding pickup. A settlement with the price of the built-in factory WBS pickup takes place in consideration of the costs incurred for the provided by you pickup.

The NEW since 2022 available WBS Smoothtone Humbucker is manufactured in a real wood housing and is optionally available.

WBS Singlecoil

WBS Humbucker

WBS Smoothtone Humbucker